Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beads Embroidery Price List


Many people inquire about the pricing for beads work provided by House of EL.humaira. Therefore team of House of EL.humaira thinks that it is better to put the price list for beads embroidery here, in the web. The price list basically based on how extensive the beads work is.
Manik beriring

*this bead works cost RM40*

1 layer :both hands price from RM25
both hands + neck price from RM 60

2 layers : both hands price from RM 40
both hands + neck price from RM 90


Manik tabur 1"

*this example bead works cost RM75 (manik tabur + beriring 1 layer)*

both hands price from RM 50
both hands + neck price from RM 140


Braided beads


*this example cost the customer RM 80 (braided beads for both hands + 80 pcs swarovski crystals)*

both hands price from RM 40
both hands + neck from RM90


####For Simple beads work: both hands price starts from RM30

both hands + neck price starts from RM80

####For Medium beads work:

*this clothes cost the customer RM150 (chest area only)*

both hands price starts from RM45
both hands + neck price starts from RM 115


####For extensive beads work (inclusive full body beaded, engagement dress, wedding dress and etc) :price starts from RM200

####For swarovski crystals used, EL.humaira will charge differently, based on how many crystals used. 1 crystal cost RM0.50 (size 4mm and 3mm)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

EL.humaira First tudung/hijaab collection


Have you ever had problems with the way you wear tudung/hijaab?

Do you wonder how certain Muslimahs wear tudung/hijaab nicely and you have no idea how they do it.

Have you ever tried certain fashion of tudung/hijaab and it does not suit your look because of your face shape?

Do you think that Muslimahs from middle east are so lucky and beautiful to have long and oval face so that they look so nice and beautiful when they wear tudung/hijaab.

Here is the answer to all you trouble when it comes to wear nice and beautiful tudung/hijaab. Do not blame our unique look because we do not have long faces. All we need to do is to find the right tudung/hijaab that suit our face shapes. House of EL.humaira brings you the new innovation in tudung/hijaab fashion.

The new tudung/hijaab from EL.humaira may be look the same with tudung/hijaab which already in the market. But if you observe and look carefully at EL.humaira tudung/hijaab you will see some differences that differentiate EL.humaira with those in the market.

EL.humaira face shaper is different from the existing tudung/hijaab in the market. EL.humaira designer has made it thin and longer at the side of the face area to ensure that the face of the wearer will not look round like if you wear tudung/hijaab that already in the market. El.humaira does not use sponge lining to make the face shaper instead, the designer uses some material that hard enough to put the tudung/hijaab stay nicely and will not make the head of the wearer look bigger.

The tudung/hijaab attached to the face shaper can be wrapped to make it looks fashionable. You do not need extra time and effort to wear nice and beautiful tudung/hijaab like the celebrities! No extra skill needed to style your tudung/hijaab. All you need is EL.humaira tudung/hijaab collection. Just wrap the tudung/hijaab attached and you ready to face the whole world with extra confidence and great look.

So after this regardless of your face shape whether you have round face, long face, oval face, square face, just name any shape, you will look magnificent with EL.humaira. Get one for you or your loved ones today while stocks last.

Here are real life models who actually customers of EL.humaira. They are sisters who bought one EL.humaira each agreed to be the real life models for EL.humaira. EL.humaira believes that real life models will give you the real picture of the products.

*the front*

* the back*

EL.humaira still have several collections of tudung/hijaab. The new stock will come in a week time. Sorry for the waiting and EL.humaira team will try the best to cater the requests from our customers.
sold out!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grand Opening of House of El.humaira


Welcome to House of EL.humaira, a new online boutique in Malaysia. EL.humaira first launch the website on 18th December 2008 to sell products online. As a new player in the fashion and designing industry, EL.humaira will specialise in ladies apparel for the starts. EL.humaira hopes for the supports from you to make EL.humaira, one of the prestigous fashion labels originated from Malaysia. Do spread the news about our opening and check out our collection from time to time as more new collection will be featured here in the official House of EL.humaira webpage.

The first service House of EL.humaira provides is beading embroidery.This is a great news for beads and sequins art lovers as now EL.humaira accepts custom made beading embroidery on customers' clothes. EL.humaira will enhance your closets with custom made beads work special for you at affordable price range. If you wish to get EL.humaira touch of beading embroidery on your collections, you are most welcome to contact EL.humaira at or 019-6685400. EL.humaira will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here we have some samples of beading embroidery done by House of EL.humaira for our previous clients.

The grey baju kurung got the roses highlight touch from EL.humaira designer. The client requested the designer to emboss and highlight the roses at the bottom of the baju kurung as it was so pale.She also wanted a heavy bead embroidery to add glow and spark to the outfit. Our designer used various high quality of beads and sequins to ensure the top quality. So this is the final work of this piece.

*The whole baju kurung - 3 roses at the bottom and detailing for the end of the sleeve*

*close-up for the biggest rose*

*dazzling sleeve*
*close-up for the second rose*
*beautiful rose*
The owner of this baju kurung requested to decorate the end of the sleeve only. She asked for the braided bead designs and El.humaira designer used the rice beads and pink swarovski beads to enhance the sweetness of the baju kurung.
*the enhanced sleeve*
*sweet like candy*
This detailing was exclusively designed for EL.humaira customers. The owner got many compliments from the friends and family as her baju kurung dazzled with scattered beads and sequins all over the chest area of baju kurung. Some sequins flowers and detailing made the design even more style than ordinary baju kurung. Kudos to EL.humaira designer for comes up with one of a kind beads embroidery design!
*detailing close-up*
*the chest area of the outfit*
To add some glitters to this modern baju kurung, EL.humaira designers put some beads, sequins and acrylic stones at the beginning of the puff sleeves. The client was beyond happy to see her modern baju kurung to be more beautiful than she ever imagined.
*the beads embroidery*
*the puff sleeve*
*the puff sleeve close-up*

Thanks for viewing the House of El.humaira.