Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1st Year Anniversary

Assalamualaykum to all EL.humaira lovers.

First of all i want to apologize for not updating this blog for the last three months. I've been very occupied with life and other projects but still managed to run the EL.humaira business offline.

Alhamdulillah, today we are celebrating ELHUMAIRA 1ST ANNIVERSARY!! I can't be any happier than this as Allah S.W.T blesses me with all His rahmah and love because I can say that I achieved my one-year plan with EL.humaira. Hundreds and thousands thank you to all the loving people around me who support me and make me believe that my dream can come true. To my family and friends, i am nothing without all of you...thank you thank you thank you~

And not to forget, all my customers who support my business. I cannot ask for more when i have loyal customers like all of you out there, (you know who you are!!) when you trust me in choosing the right tudungs and hijaabs, let it be for casual wear or even for the special day like engagement, solumnisation or even on the wedding day itself!!

So here, to appreciate all the support and love all of you have given to me n my EL.humaira, I WILL GIVE A SPECIAL DISCOUNT AS WE CELEBRATE ELHUMAIRA 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! Starting from today 1st December 2009 until 14th December 2009, ALL TUDUNGS IN HOUSE OF ELHUMAIRA WILL BE ENTITLED TO 35% DISCOUNT!!! So this is like the real bargain you can get since Tudung ELhumaira price will be as low as RM16.00!!

So here how the thing's going to work,

1. Choose the tudung you like from this website.

2. Email me at el.humaira@yahoo.com or sms me at 019-2161849 to check the status of the tudung whether it is still available or not. Give me 12-24 hours to reply your email or sms. Please remember that this promo only applicable while stocks last. I cannot guarantee I can update the availability status in this website as frequent as possible as the tudungs now are selling fast. So please do email me or sms me once you decide you interested in buying the tudung here ok!

3. Please bear in mind that ALL PRICE IN THIS WEBSITE ARE BEFORE DISCOUNT! I am sorry because I dont have time to update the discounted price. But I'm sure you can calculate it on your own. SO THE NEW PRICE FOR ALL TUDUNGS IN HOUSE OF ELHUMAIRA FOR THESE 2 WEEKS WILL BE DEDUCTED BY 35% DISCOUNT. I will try my best to update the discounted price by today or tomorrow ok or you can always sms me to know the discounted price ok!

4. So from there we will close the deal as usual as i did before with all of you my beloved customer!!

So thats all for now. Start browsing this website to choose your tudung ok! Again, thank you for your support and love you've given to me till I succeed with my EL.humaira. Wassalam.

Dina EL.humaira

p.s: videos on how to wear the tudungs will be up soon by this week InsyAllah...